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Geology and Oceanography Textbooks

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Introduction to Oceanography

This website serves as an open-source textbook for Oceanography 101 courses.
Chapter 1: Introduction to Oceanography
Chapter 2: Evolution of Life Through Time
Chapter 3: Structure of Earth
Chapter 4: Plate Tectonics
Chapter 5: Ocean Basins
Chapter 6: Marine Sediments
Chapter 7: Properties of Seawater
Chapter 8: Atmospheric Circulation
Chapter 9: Ocean Circulation
Chapter 10: Waves
Chapter 11: Tides
Chapter 12: Coasts
Chapter 13: Primary Production
Chapter 14: Marine Environments
Chapter 15: Benthic Marine Communities
Chapter 16: Pelagic Marine Communities
Chapter 17: Human Impacts & Pollution

Introduction to Physical Geology

This website serves as an open-source textbook for Geology 101 courses.
Chapter 1: Introduction to Physical Geology
Chapter 2: Physical Properties of Earth Materials
Chapter 3: Basic Geologic Principles
Chapter 4: Understanding Maps
Chapter 5: Earth's Structure & Plate Tectonics
Chapter 6: Faults, Earthquakes & Landscapes
Chapter 7: Igneous Rocks and Processes
Chapter 8: Weathering and Erosion
Chapter 9: Sedimentary Rocks & Processes
Chapter 10: Metamorphism & Metamorphic Rocks
Chapter 11: Rivers, Streams & Groundwater
Chapter 12: Glaciers & Glaciation
Chapter 13: Deserts and Arid Regions
Chapter 14: Ocean Basins
Chapter 15: Ocean Processes & Shorelines
Chapter 16: Earth History


Introduction to Earth Science

This website serves as an open-source textbook for introductory Earth and Space Science courses.
Chapter 1: Intro to Earth Science (& Astronomy)

Chapter 2: Rocks and Minerals
Chapter 3: Basic Geologic Principles & Maps
Chapter 4: Evolution of Earth & Life Through Time
Chapter 5: Atmospheric Processes and Climate
Chapter 6: Earth's Structure and Plate Tectonics
Chapter 7: Fault Systems and Earthquakes
Chapter 8: Igneous Rocks & Volcanic Activity

Chapter 9: Weathering, Erosion, and Mass Wasting
Chapter 10: Sedimentary Rocks & Processes
Chapter 11: Metamorphic Rocks & Processes
Chapter 12: Streams, Rivers, & Water Underground
Chapter 13: Glaciers & Glaciation
Chapter 14: Deserts
Chapter 15: Ocean Basins
Chapter 16: Ocean Processes & Shorelines
This website is a collection of 3D and standard photography of many of America's national parks and monuments with descriptions of geology, landscape features, archaeology, climate, and wildlife.
Natural Resources
(Renewable and Non-Renewable)
"Every Rock Tells A Story" - a gallery guide to classic rocks and how they formed.
 Field Trips to CA's Central Coast
Field Trips to the NYC Region
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GotBooks.miracosta.edu is a website (under development) intended to host zero-cost, open-source textbooks and materials related to geology and oceanography classes.
Check back as website materials may be added or revised.

Materials contributed so far have been text and images contributed by MiraCosta College staff. Many graphics used throughout this website have are derived or modified from government-sourced websites (US Geological Survey, NASA, NOAA, National Park Service, Fish & Wildlife Services, Library of Congress) and from selected sources noted.

This website is intended as a educational resource and is not intended as a primary source of information. Reference information is intentionally not included to encourage students to research primary-source literature and to pursue more recent knowledge through other means.

This website is under constant revision. Comments (suggestions, corrections and revisions) can be directed to the Gotbooks.miracosta.edu webmaster.

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