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Introduction To Physical Geology


This website is a"free" on-line textbook for an introductory course in oceanography.

Content description:
This course is an introduction to physical geology and the natural processes affecting our physical environment. The first part of the course is an examination of fundamental concepts important to understanding the science of geology and evaluating the physical world. Geologic maps and diagrams are essential part of visualizing geologic phenomena.

Plate Tectonics is the modern foundation for resolving the geologic history of regions, and is important to understanding natural hazards including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis.

The Rock Cycle is a pathway to understanding how rocks form and how they change through geologic time. Processes involving igneous activity, surficial weathering, erosion, and deposition, and the consolidation of sediments back into solid material are examined.

Examination of surface environment is the focus of several chapter with focus on water (liquid and solid ice), or lack of it (deserts). A chapter on oceans and shorelines examines the physical environment where most humans live along coastlines.

Earth History and Evolution are reviewed in the final chapter. An additional section goes into detail describing the regional geology of North America.


The content is all "open source" material - derived or modified from available on federal, state, and local government websites and publications. Much of content (text, graphics, and photographs) are donated from GeologyCafe.com, a website dedicated to supporting public earth science education.
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