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Comments (suggestions, corrections and revisions) can be directed to the Gotbooks.miracosta.edu webmaster:
Phil Stoffer (pstoffer @miracosta.edu) - the website's author, compiler, photographer, and graphic designer.

Please note: All text and graphics currently on this website was either photographed or illustrated by Phil Stoffer or were derived from government websites (including NASA, USGS, NOAA, NPS, EPA, Library of Congress, State of California, Department of Natural Resources, and other government agencies). The source organization is indicated on selected graphic images if it was derived from public-domain sources (where no copyright is legally binding). It is important to note that changes are constantly happening and the original websites, in many cases, no longer exist on some government websites: their URLS may have changed, or they have been deactivated, archived, or replaced with newer or revised information. Please feel free to use any information on this website, hopefully for the benefit of promoting scientific education to students of all ages.

Phil Stoffer (PhD, Earth & Environmental Science) currently works at MiraCosta College teaching courses in geology, earth science, and oceanography. He is retired from the USGS and has also worked as a librarian for many years in many settings. Compiling information for this website has been an on-going effort since he first started building natural science websites in the early 1990s. This website is now host to web information that previously appeared on GeologyCafe.com, education.usgs.gov, and other websites (that are no longer active).