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Earth Science, Physical Geology, and Oceanography Courses

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How to apply to take courses at MiraCosta College

Click on “Apply” on the Main Page for miracosta.edu

You will be directed to instructions to create an account to enroll via the California Community Colleges (CCC) enrollment system. You will need to have (or create) an e-mail account to send and receive forms (no advertising, with a stringent privacy policy).

On the CCC application you will be required to submit private information about yourself (your name, date of birth, and Social Security, or Tax Identification numbers). You will then be directed to create a secure account. When you are done, you will be given a 7-digit security id (CCCID) before being transferred on to a CCC Application web page.

On the CCC Application page, you will then need to choose MiraCosta Community College before going through multiple pages going thought the college application process (education history, citizenship/military, state residency, “needs and interests,” your demographics, household income, etc.). When you are done, you will receive a confirmation that you can apply to MiraCosta College.

Be sure to write down your “CCCID number” and “Confirmation Number” before you leave the web page and then applying to sign up for classes at MiraCosta College.


Return to the miracosta.edu main page and click on the Open Courses link.

This website lists open enrollment classes available for each semester. Scroll down to check for courses in Earth Science, Physical Geology, or Oceanography, and associated labs that you might be interested in. They may not yet be posted yet for upcoming semesters. Important! Be sure to check if the class you sign up for uses “Zero Cost Textbooks” which likely means the instructor will be using the free textbooks on gotbooks.miracosta.edu for these courses. You may need to check back to see when the courses become available.

MiraCosta College offers both classroom and online courses on these topics. Note that in recent semesters, all these courses have filled to capacity fairly quickly when enrollment starts (so don't delay!). Students on the “wait lists” may be offered choices to join or enroll in other classes as they come available.

Good luck!