Where Does San Diego Get Its Water?


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A) Where Does San Diego Get Its Water?
B) The Colorado River Drainage Basin
C) California's Interconnected Water System
D) San Diego County's Natural Water Supply
E) The San Dieguito River Watershed
F) Water Conservation

Answer the questions below based on what you read and observe on these websites.

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Bataquitos Lagoon is located at the mouth of San Marcos Creek in Carlsbad, CA

This Assignment: Describe your water supply.

Important! I recommend that you complete Chapter 12 - Streams, Rivers, & Water Underground before to start this assignment. 
This chapter will introduce you to terms and concepts that you will need to understand, and provide you with ideas how to proceed with this assignment.
This assignment is intended to get you to know "your water" first hand: (Answer these questions.)

1. Describe where your water comes from?

2. Who manages your water? (You need to research online the water organizations that manages your water - you are no doubt part of a water district).

3. What is the nature of the watershed where you live? (Describe the "local water supply" - You live in a watershed—describe the headwaters, principle streams, where does it drain?)

4. How and where is water stored in your watershed/water supply region?

5. What happens to your water when "you" (or your community) are done using it? (Where does it go? How is it treated?)

6. After looking at these 6 websites, what did you find most interesting? (Please explain!)

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An answer in the range of 200 - 400 words might be appropriate (2 pages). 

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