Shawnee Lookout Park, Ohio

Map showing the landscape around Fort Ancient and the Little Miami River Valley Shawnee Lookout Park, Ohio is located on a prominent hilltop providing spectacular views overlooking the confluence of the Ohio and Great Miami Rivers (near the tristate intersection of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Archaeologists suggests that Shawnee Lookout may be one of the largest continuously occupied hilltop Native American sites in the United States. Starting about 2,000 years ago, prehistoric Indians of Hopewell Culture constructed earthworks (Indian mounds and border walls). These people show links to the Shawnee people who occupied the site to about 300 years ago.
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Shawnee Lookout Trail leads through a forest covering the ancient earthworks. Trail through the ancient earthworks at Shawnee Lookout Park View of the forested Ohio River Valley, Ohio River, and hills of northern Kentucky View of a Y in the Shawnee Lookout Trail where it starts a loop path amongst the ancient earthworks at Shawnee Lookout
Shawnee Lookout Trail Trail between earthworks Ohio & Great Miami valleys Paths in Shawnee Lookout
The Shawnee Lookout Trail follows a ditch between ancient earthworks in the forest. A glacial erratic (boulder) is used to hold a historic marker. May apples in the forest growing on the earthworks at Shawnee Lookout Park view of the Great Miami River Valley from Shawnee Lookout Park
Park trail along earthworks Glacial boulder with marker May apples on earthworks Great Miami River Valley
View of the path among the ancient earthworks along a trail in Shawnee Lookout Park. Smoke stack from a power plant are in the distance. View of an Indian mound along the road at Shawnee Lookout Park. A restored historic log cabin that was move to Shawnee Lookout Park. A blooming dogwood tree on an Indian Mound at Shawnee Lookout Park
Ohio River Valley Indian mound next to road Restored settler cabin Blooming dogwood tree
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