Miamisburg Mound State Memorial Park, Ohio

Map showing the landscape around Fort Ancient and the Little Miami River Valley Miamisburg Mound State Memorial Park is located on bluffs along the east side of the Great Miami River valley in Miamisburg, Ohio. The Miamisburg mound is the largest Indian mound in Ohio, and the second largest in the United States. The conical mound is 68 feet tall. Historic excavations revealed that it is a burial mound, but may have served other purposes to the mound building communites of Hopewell cultural connection nearly 2000 years ago in the Ohio region.
Map of Miamisburg Mound State Memorial Park:
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Miamisburg earthen Indian mound in grassy field Miamisburg earthen Indian mound Stairs descending from the top of Miamisburg Mound
Miamisburg Mound and park. Stairs on Miamisburg Mound. View of parkland from stairs.
View of grassy parkland with scattered trees
Park lands and Great Miami River Valley in distance. A glacial boulder with a plaque about the history of the site. A closer view of glacial boulder with a historical marker.
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