Mound City Group

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park

Map showing the landscape around Fort Ancient and the Little Miami River Valley Mound City Group is located on a river terrace on the west bank of the Scioto River on the north side of Chillicothe, Ohio. The Mound City Group earthworks consist of a earthen border wall that surrounds 13 acres of ceremonial grounds and at least 23 mounds. There are additional mounds outside of the enclosure. The Hopeton Earthworks site is located on the opposite (east side) of the nearby Scioto River. Prior to becoming Mound City Group National Monument, site was used as an army training facility during WW1. Mound City Group is the only fully restored Hopewell earthworks complex. Mound City Group is now a unit within Hopewell Culture National Historical Park and hosts the park's visitor center.
Map of Mound City Group and Hopeton Earthworks: Click here or on the map to see a larger view.

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Trail leading to the ceremonial grounds with burial mounds. Map of the Mound City Group portion of the park. One of the straight border wall at the Mound City Group. Earthworks at the Mound City Group.
An earthen border wall. Park trail along earthworks Border wall with mounds Restored ceremonial grounds
Description of Fort Sherman Spring wildflowers May apples on earthworks Scioto River Trail
Scioto River Trail Banks of the Scioto River Banks of the Scioto River Scioto River view
Description of Hopeton area Hopeton river banks Necropolis burial mounds Mound City Group fields
Redbud trees blooming Redbud along park trail Earthen border wall & mounds Border wall and forest
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