View of several large trees with spring leaves growning on the earthen border wall along the park trail at Mound City Group.
View of the earthen border wall, manicured grassy field and Indian burial mounds in the Mound City Group site along the Perimeter Trail around the earthworks.

It is remarkable credit to the National Park Service and the people of the Chillicothe area, and the Ohio public that Hopewell Culture National Historic Park exists in it restored, scenic character. It is important to add that, historically, early settlers of European descent were often in conflict or all out war with the Indian people they encountered as they moved into the Ohio region after the Revolutionary War. The lands were granted to soldiers for their service in the Revolutionary War by the U.S. government, and given or sold to developers moving into to the region. This human migration into Ohio came as detriment of the Indian tribes that lived in the area or had moved into the Ohio Valley region after being displaced from their homelands in the eastern colonies (and later states). For many generations there was little interest, understanding, or concern about preserving Native American cultural history. Today it has become paramount to the interests of the National Park Service and many other organization to preserve and protect these ancient heritage sites.
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