This park display sign describes Camp Sherman that was constructed on this site, nearly destroying its significance as an ancestral Indian heritage site. Many other earthworks and burial ceremonial sites throughout Ohio have been distroyed as agricultural, transportation, and urban development interests changed the landscape through the 19th and 20th centuries. The sign reads:

"This sacred burial ground of the Hopewell Indians was all but destroyed during World War 1 by the construction of an army training camp. The barracks and other facilities formed part of Camp Sherman, where thousands of men received training for battle. Fortunately, underground features were not disturbed to a significant degree. In the 1920's, as the camp was being dismantled, archeologists began to restore Mound City. Today, few traces of the old military camp can be found."

Camp Sherman was established by the US government in 1917, greatly expanding the population of the Chillicothe area when more than 2000 building were added to the area.
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