Geology of the New York City Region

Hudson Highlands of New York

The Hudson Highlands region represents the outcrop belt of crystalline basement rocks of the northeastern extension of the Reading Prong (see the geology map, Figure 10). The Hudson Highlands are a northern extension of the Ramapo Mountains in northern New Jersey. To the north and east, the boundary between the Hudson Highlands, the Taconic Mountains, and the Western Connecticut Uplands region is indistinct, partly because of the occurrence of numerous thrust faults and large Middle Paleozoic igneous intrusions in the region. In general, the name Hudson Highlands refers to the low mountains or high hills that border the Hudson River north of Peekskill and south of Newburgh, New York. Several interesting localities within the Highlands include:

8. Harriman State Park
9. Bear Mountain State Park
10. Anthony's Nose Overlook
11. Mianus River Gorge

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