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map of Bryce Canyon National Park

Map of Bryce Canyon National Park. Click on the "Next Image" (below) to continue on the image tour, or click on any of the small red dots on the map above to go directly to selected images.

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Check out the National Park Service's Bryce Canyon National Park site -

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National Park Service, 2005, Bryce Canyon National Park Geologic Resource Evaluation Report: Natural Resource Report NPS/NRPC/GRD/NRR—2005/002

To see a geologic map and description of the park geology see:

William E. Bowers, 1991, Geologic Map of Bryce Canyon National Park and Vicinity, Southern Utah: U.S. Geological Survey, Miscellaneous Information Series Map I-2108, scale 1:24,000.

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This website is an image tour of Bryce Canyon National Park. All pictures were taken in early June 2003. The 3D images are anaglyphs, and require red and cyan 3-D viewing glasses. The image below is a pair of 3-D (anaglyph) viewing glasses.

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A search on the World Wide Web will yield many sites about anaglyphs and where to get 3-D glasses.

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