Temple Cap Formation

Jurassic, early Middle*
Bajocian, early*
Bajocian, middle*
Geologic Province:
Plateau sedimentary province*
Great Basin province*
Areal Extent:
Type Locality:
Not designated. Named for features called East Temple and West Temple in Zion National Park, Washington Co., UT (Gregory, 1950).
Principal reference section designated at NW/4 NW/4 sec. 2, T. 41 S., T. 10 W., Washington Co., UT (Peterson and Pipiringos, 1979).
(alphabetical): Sinawava Member (UT*), White Throne Member (UT*).
Unit Name History:
Named as a member of Navajo Sandstone of Glen Canyon Group (Gregory, 1950). Overview (Pillmore, 1956). Revised (Thompson and Stokes, 1970). Principal reference; Raised rank, assigned as formation of San Rafael Group (Peterson and Pipiringos, 1979). Redescribed (Hintze and others, 1994).


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Taylor, Paul D., and Wilson, Mark A. 1999, Middle Jurassic bryozoans from the Carmel Formation of southwestern Utah: Journal of Paleontology, v. 73, no. 5, p. 816-830.


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