Sultan Limestone

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Sultan Limestone (CA*,NV*,UT*)

Mississippian, Early*
Devonian, Late*
Devonian, Middle*

Great Basin province*
Type Locality:
Not stated. Well exposed in vicinity of Sultan mine, Goodspring quad, southeastern NV (Hewett, 1931). [Geologic names lexicons, USGS Bull. 896, 1200]
(alphabetical): Crystal Pass Member (CA,NV*,UT*), /Ironside Member (CA,NV*), Valentine Dolomite Member (CA,NV*) or Valentine Member (CA,NV*).
Unit Name History:
Named (D.F. Hewett, 1931, USGS Prof. Paper 162, p. 10, 13) [Geologic names lexicons, USGS Bull. 896, 1200].
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