Organ Rock Formation

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Organ Rock Tongue of Cutler Formation (AZ*,UT*)
Organ Rock Shale Tongue of Cutler Formation (NM)
Organ Rock Member of Cutler Formation (AZ*,UT*)
Organ Rock Formation of Cutler Group (AZ*,CO*,NM*,UT*)
Organ Rock Shale (AZ,NM,UT)
Permian, Early*

Geologic Province:
Paradox basin*
Black Mesa basin*
San Juan basin*

Areal Extent:

Type Locality:
Not designated. Named for natural monument known as Organ Rock, south of San Juan River between Moonlight and Copper Creeks, San Juan Co., UT (Baker and Reeside, Jr., 1929).

Unit Name History:
Named as a tongue of Cutler Formation (Baker and Reeside, Jr., 1929). Revised as Organ Rock Shale of Cutler Group (Baars, 1962; 1995). Correlation issues described by Pierce, 1989. Overview; Redescribed as Organ Rock Formation (Condon, 1992; Stanesco and others, 2000).


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