Brushy Basin Member of Morrison Formation

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Brushy Basin Member of Morrison Formation (AZ*,CO*,NM*,UT*)
Jurassic, Late*
Cretaceous, Early (local)
Neocomian (local)
Barremian (local)
Aptian (local)
Albian (local)
Geologic Province:
Paradox basin*
Black Mesa basin*
San Juan basin*
Areal Extent:

Type Locality:
Not designated. Well exposed in Brushy Basin, San Juan Co., UT (Gregory, 1938).

Jackpile Bed (NM).

Unit Name History:
Named as a member of Morrison Formation (Gregory, 1938). Overview (Freeman and Hilpert, 1957). Revised (Ekren and Houser, 1959). Isotopic dating (Marvin and Dobson, 1979). Revised (Owen and others, 1984). Age modified locally; Isotopic dating (Kowallis and Heaton, 1987). Revised (Aubrey, 1988; Peterson, 1988). Isotopic dating (Kowallis and others, 1991). Areal limits;


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