Wupatki Member of Moenkopi Formation

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Wupatki Member* of Moenkopi Formation
Triassic, Early*
Geologic Province:
Plateau sedimentary province*
Black Mesa basin*
Areal Extent:
Type Locality:
Not designated; probably named after Wupatki National Monument, Coconino Co, AZ (McKee, 1951).
Unit Name History:
First used as lower of three members of Moenkopi Formation (McKee, 1951). Named as lower member of Moenkopi Formation (McKee, 1954).

McKee, E.D., 1951, Triassic deposits of the Arizona-New Mexico border area, IN Smith, C.T., and Silver, Caswell, editors, Guidebook of the San Juan basin [covering south and west sides], New Mexico and Arizona: New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook, no. 2, p. 85.

McKee, E.D., 1954, Stratigraphy and history of the Moenkopi Formation of Triassic age: Geological Society of America Memoir, 61, 133 p.

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