Timpoweap Member of Moenkopi Formation

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Timpoweap Member of Moenkopi Formation (AZ*,NV,UT*)
Triassic, Early*
Geologic Province:
Plateau sedimentary province*
Great Basin province*
Areal Extent:
Type Locality:
Not designated. Derivation of name not stated (Gregory, 1948).
Reference sections proposed in Washington Co., UT: 1) at Isom Wash-Virgin River intersection, NE/4 SW/4 SE/4 sec. 19, T. 41 S., R. 12 W.; 2) at Isom Wash-UT Hwy 15 intersection, SW/4 SW/4 NE/4 sec. 30, T. 41 S., R. 12 W.; 3) at first wash east of Isom Creek, SW/4 NE/4 NE/4 sec. 30, T. 41 S., R. 12 W.; 4) NE/4 NW/4 NE/4 sec. 29, T. 41 S., R. 12 W. (Nielson and Johnson, 1979).
Unit Name History:
First published use as basal member of Moenkopi Formation (Gregory, 1948). Overview (Gregory, 1950). Reference (Nielson and Johnson, 1979).


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