Moenave Formation

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Moenave Formation of Glen Canyon Group (AZ*,NV*,UT*)
Triassic?, Late*
Jurassic, Early
Geologic Province:
Plateau sedimentary province*
Great Basin province*
Black Mesa basin*
Paradox basin*
Areal Extent:
Type Locality:
Exposures near Moenave, for which unit is named, 6 mi west of Tuba City, Coconino Co., AZ (Harshbarger and others, 1957).
(alphabetical): Dinosaur Canyon Member (AZ*,NV*,UT*) or Dinosaur Canyon Sandstone Member (AZ*,UT*), Springdale Sandstone Member (AZ*,NV*,UT*), Whitmore Point Member (AZ*,UT*).
Unit Name History:
Named; divided into Dinosaur Canyon and Springdale Sandstone Members (Harshbarger and others, 1957). Areal limits (Wilson and Stewart, 1967). Revised, Whitmore Point Member named as middle member (Wilson, 1967). Overview (Peterson and Pipiringos, 1979). Areal limits (Sargent and Hansen, 1982). Age modified (Padian, 1989). Areal limits (Anderson and Hintze, 1993).Ref


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