Ericson Sandstone

Cretaceous, Late*
Campanian, late*
Geologic Province:
Green River basin*
Areal Extent:
Type Locality:
Not designated. Named for the old Ericson ranch on Salt Wells Creek, sec. 31, T. 16 N., R. 102 W., Sweetwater Co., WY (Sears, 1926).
(alphabetical): /Canyon Creek Member (CO*,WY*), Trail Member (CO,WY).
Unit Name History:
Named Ericson Formation of the Mesaverde Group (Sears, 1926). Redescribed (Hale, 1950). Revised (Roehler, 1965). Overview (Gill and others, 1970). Areal limits; Overview (Roehler, 1987).

Sears, J.D., 1926, Geology of the Baxter basin gas field, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, IN Contributions to economic geology (short papers and preliminary reports), 1925; Part 2, Mineral fuels: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin, 781-B, p. B13-B27.

Hale, L.A., 1950, Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Montana Group in the Rock Springs uplift, Sweetwater County, Wyoming: Wyoming Geological Association Field Conference Guidebook, no. 5, p. 49-58.

Roehler, H.W., 1965, Summary of pre-Laramide Late Cretaceous sedimentation in the Rock Springs uplift area, IN De Voto, R.H., and Bitter, R.K., editors, Sedimentation of Late Cretaceous and Tertiary outcrops, Rock Springs uplift: Wyoming Geological Association Field Conference Guidebook, no. 19, p. 10-12.

Gill, J.R., Merewether, E.A. and Cobban, W.A., 1970, Stratigraphy and nomenclature of some Upper Cretaceous and lower Tertiary rocks in south-central Wyoming: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper, 667, 53 p.

Roehler, H.W., 1987, Surface-subsurface correlations of the Mesaverde Group and associated Upper Cretaceous formations, Rock Springs, Wyoming to Mount Harris, Colorado: U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Field Studies Map, MF-1937, 1 sheet, scale 1 in. = 200 ft.

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