Lewis Shale

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Lewis Shale (CO*,NM*,UT*,WY*)
Cretaceous, Late*
Campanian, late*
Maastrichtian, early*
Geologic Province:
Big Horn basin*
Green River basin*
Powder River basin*
San Juan basin*
Wind River basin*
Areal Extent:
Type Locality:
Not designated. Named for occurrence at Fort Lewis in La Plata Valley, Kline quad, La Plata Co., CO (Cross and Spencer, 1899).
Principal reference section designated at SW/4 SW/4 sec. 13 and SE/4 SE/4 sec. 14, T. 22 N., R. 89 W., Carbon Co., WY (Gill and others, 1970).
(alphabetical): Dad Sandstone Member (WY*), Huerfanito Bentonite Bed (CO*,NM*), Teckla Sand Member (WY) or Teckla Sandstone Member (WY*).
Unit Name History:
Named (Cross and Spencer, 1899). Areal limits (Beaumont and others, 1956). Revised (Hale, 1961; Hyden and others, 1965). Principal reference; Overview (Gill and others, 1970). Overview (Izett and others, 1971). Revised (Fassett and Hinds, 1971). Areal limits (Keefer, 1972). Teckla Sand Member named (Runge and others, 1973). Areal limits (Merewether and others, 1977). Mapped 1:50k in San Juan and McKinley Cos, NM; Areal limits (Scott and others, 1984). Biostratigraphic dating (Cobban, 1988; Roehler, 1993). Areal limits (Fox, 1993).


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