Humbug Formation

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Humbug Formation(CO*,ID*,UT*,WY*)
Mississippian, Late*
Geologic Province:
Wasatch uplift*
Piceance basin*
Great Basin province*
Green River basin*
Snake River basin*
Uinta uplift*
Areal Extent:

Type Locality:
Not designated. Named for the Humbug mine, T. 10 S., R. 2 W., Utah Co., UT (Tower, Jr., and Smith, 1899)

Unit Name History:
First used (Tower, Jr., and Smith, 1899). Revised (Loughlin, IN Lindgren and Loughlin, 1919). Revised; Areal limits (Gilluly, 1932). Revised (Granger and others, 1952). Overview (Morris and Lovering, 1961). Not used (Hansen, 1965). Areal limits (Sandberg and Poole, 1977; Hansen, 1977; Platt, 1977; Hansen and others, 1983; Sando, 1988).


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