Laney Member of Green River Formation

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Laney Member of Green River Formation (CO*,WY*)
Eocene, early middle*
Geologic Province:
Green River basin*
Areal Extent:
Type Locality:
Not designated. Named for exposures along Laney Rim, T. 18 N., R. 97 W., Sweetwater Co., WY (Schultz, 1920).
(alphabetical): Cow Hollow Bed (WY), Craven Creek Bed (WY), Hartt Cabin Bed (WY*), LaClede Bed (CO*,WY*), Sand Butte Bed (WY*).
Unit Name History:
Named as a member of Green River Formation (Schultz, 1920). Areal limits; Revised (Donavan, 1950). Revised; Overview (Pipiringos, 1955). Revised (Bradley, 1959; Culbertson, 1962; Roehler, 1973). Areal limits, extended into northwestern CO (Tweto, 1976). Revised; Overview (Sullivan, 1980). Revised (Roehler, 1991).


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