Glen Canyon Group

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Glen Canyon Group (AZ*,CO*,NV*,NM*,UT*)
Glen Canyon Sandstone (CO*,UT*)
Glen Canyon Group
Glen Canyon Group (undifferentiated) crops out in Glen Canyon. This view is along the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam.
Jurassic, Early*
Geologic Province:
Black Mesa basin*
Great Basin province*
Green River basin*
Paradox basin*
Piceance basin*
Plateau sedimentary province*
San Juan basin*
Uinta uplift*
Areal Extent:
Type Locality:
Not designated. Named for exposures in walls that form the Glen Canyon of the Colorado River, Coconino Co., AZ, and San Juan Co., UT (Gregory and Moore, 1931).
Group rank (alphabetical): Kayenta Formation (AZ*,CO*,UT*), Moenave Formation (AZ*,NV*,UT*), Navajo Sandstone (AZ*,CO*,NM*,UT*), Wingate Sandstone (AZ*,CO*,NM*,UT*)
Unit Name History:
Overview (Gilluly and Reeside, 1928). Named (Gregory and Moore, 1931). Revised, Kayenta Formation named (Baker, 1936). Revised, assigned Shurtz Sandstone Tongue (new) and Lamb Point Tongue (new) to Navajo sandstone, and Cedar City Tongue (new) and Tenney Canyon Tongue (new) to Kayenta formation (Averitt and others, 1955). Overview; Revised, Moenave Formation assigned and Wingate Sandstone divided into newly named Rock Point and Lukachukai members (Harshbarger and others, 1957). Age modified (Lewis and others, 1961). Upper contact revised (Phoenix, 1963). Rank reduced to Glen Canyon Sandstone; Areal limits (Poole and Stewart, 1964). Areal limits (Wilson and Stewart, 1967). Areal limits; Overview (Green, 1974). Upper contact revised; Overview (Peterson and Pipiringos, 1979). Mapped 1:24k in southwest Moffat Co, CO (Rowley and Hansen, 1979). Age modified (Padian, 1989). Age modified; Lower contact revised (Dubiel, 1989). Areal limits (Condon, 1992).


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