Galeros Formation

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Galeros Formation* of Chuar Group of Grand Canyon Supergroup
Proterozoic, Late*
Proterozoic Y*
Geologic Province:
Southern Rocky Mountain region*
Plateau sedimentary province*
Areal Extent:

Type Locality:
Type section: Galeros Promontory in Chuar and Carbon Canyons, Grand Canyon, lat 36 12'00" N, long 111 50'00" W, Coconino Co., AZ. Named for Galeros promontory, west of Colorado River, Coconino Co, AZ (Ford, Breed, 1973).

Tanner, Jupiter, Carbon Canyon, Duppa Members

Unit Name History:
First used (Ford and Breed, 1972). Named basal formation of Chuar Group; divided into Tanner, Jupiter, Carbon Canyon, Duppa Members (Ford, Breed, 1973). Adopted as Galeros Formation of Chuar Group of Grand Canyon Supergroup (Elston, 1979). Age modified (Elston, 1982). Age modified (Elston, 1989b).


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