Caanonville Member of the Entrada Formation

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Cannonville Member of Entrada Sandstone of San Rafael Group (UT)
Jurassic, Middle
Geologic Province:
Paradox basin
Areal Extent:
Type Locality:
Type section: at Cannonville, in Paria amphitheater, in either secs. 19, 30, and 3l or sec. 16 [discrepancy in GNU files], T. 37 S., R. 2 W., Garfield Co., UT (Thompson and Stokes, 1970).
Unit Name History:
Named Cannonville Member, middle member of Entrada Sandstone of San Rafael Group (Thompson and Stokes, 1970).


Thompson, A.E. and Stokes, W.L., 1970, Stratigraphy of the San Rafael Group, southwest and south central Utah: Utah Geological and Mineral Survey Bulletin, no. 87, 53 p.

Doelling, H.H., Blackett, R.E., Hamblin, A.H., Powell, J.D., and Pollock, G.L., 2000, Geology of Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument: In Geology of Utah's Parks and Monuments, Sprinkel, D.A., Chidsey, T.C., and Anderson, P.B., editors, Utah Geological Association Publication 28., p. 189-231.

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