Dox Sandstone

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Dox Sandstone*
Dox Formation
Proterozoic, Middle*
Geologic Province:
Southern Rocky Mountain region*
Areal Extent:
Type Locality:
Not designated. Named for Dox Castle, north side Colorado River, Shinumo quad, Coconino Co, AZ (Noble, 1914).
Unit Name History:
Named Dox Sandstone of Unkar Group of Grand Canyon Series (Noble, 1914). Revised, assigned to Unkar Group of Grand Canyon Supergroup (Elston and Scott, 1976). Age modified (Haynes and Hackman, 1978). Redescribed as Dox Formation, divided into Escalante Creek, Solomon Temple, Comanche Point, Ochoa Point Members (Stevenson and Beus, 1982). Age modified; Paleomagnetics (Elston, 1989). Paleomagnetics (Elston and Clough, 1993).


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