Owl Rock Member of Chinle Formation

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Owl Rock Member of Chinle Formation (AZ*,CO*,NM*,UT*)
Triassic, Late*
Geologic Province:
Plateau sedimentary province*
Black Mesa basin*
San Juan basin*
Paradox basin*
Areal Extent:
Type Locality:
Intent to name and type locality not stated (Stewart, 1957).
Type "locality": near base of Owl Rock, from which unit is probably named, Navajo Co., AZ. Type "section": at Owl Rock, about 7.5 mi north of Kayenta (Witkind and Thaden, 1963).
Unit Name History:
First used as a member of Chinle Formation (Stewart, 1957). Overview; Type locality"/"section" designated (Witkind and Thaden, 1963). Overview; Areal limits (Stewart and others, 1972). Revised (Green, 1974). Overview (Dubiel, 1987). Overview; iostratigraphic dating (Kirby, 1989).


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