Bonanza King Formation

Usage of Geologic Unit Name:
Bonanza King Dolomite (CA*,NV*)
Bonanza King Formation (AZ, CA*,NV*,UT)
Cambrian, Late*
Cambrian, Middle*
Geologic Province:
Mojave basin*

Areal Extent:

Type Locality:
First described in Providence and Marble Mountains, San Bernardino Co., southeastern CA. Named for Bonanza King Mine, on east side of Providence Mountains (Hazzard and Mason, 1936). [Geologic names lexicons, USGS Bull. 896, 1200]

(alphabetical): Banded Mountain Member (CA,NV*), Papoose Lake Member (CA*,NV*), Silver King Dolomite Member (CA,NV).

Unit Name History:
Named Bonanza King Formation; incl. Silver King Dolomite Member (J.C. Hazzard and J.F. Mason, 1936, GSA Bull., v. 47, no. 2, p. 229-240). [Geologic names lexicons, USGS Bull. 896, 1200]



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