Pictographs at Painted Rock

The rock art at Painted Rock is inferred to have been produce in shamanic ritual or tradition. The meanings of the symbols have many interpretations but can only be inferred (Haymes, 2002). The rock art now attract thousands of visitors each year. Unfortunately, heavy graffiti and reckless gunshot damage to the prehistoric rock art was mostly done in the 1920s. Ongoing damage has continued. As a result, the site is now protected by laws, has limited access, and has vigilant surveillance. Ongoing animal burrowing, natural weathering, and erosion are also degrading the site. Displays and information about the history of the Carrizo Plain region and the archeology of Painted Rock can be seen at Goodwin Education Center (located near Painted Rock). The Goodwin Education Center staff provides environmental education and guided tours. Painted Rock is closed during raptor nesting season (March 1 through July 15). American Indians still frequently use Painted Rock for ceremonies and other activities (BLM, Bakersfield Field Office, 2010).

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