Glen Canyon
Colorado River, Glen Canyon, Sentinel Rock. Mouth of Sentinel Creek, between the Crossing of the Fathers and the Paria, right bank. 1871. Photo by E. O. Beaman.
USGS Earth Science Photographic Archive digital file: hjk00770

This was the last picture taken by E. O. Beaman before he ran out of photographic glass plates on the 1871 portion of the Second Expedition. Beaman and Powell disagreed about how to profit from the photography of the mission. Beaman left in January of 1872, so Powell hired a young Salt Lake City photographer as his replacement named James Fennemore as his replacement. Although Fennemore was a skilled photographer, he wasn't prepared for the rigorous work needed to conduct field photography (the camera and supplies were both heavy and awkward to carry in rugged terrain). However, with the help of Jack Hillers, he accompanied the Thompson Expedition (Spring 1872) to find the mouth of the Dirty Devil River (the boundary between Cataract Canyon and Glen Canyon on the Colorado River. However, Fennemore became too sick to continue after the voyage down the river. Powell then used Jack Hillers as his official photographer for the rest of the Powell Survey.
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