Red Canyon

Camp scene in Red Canyon Park, Green River. Hillers is sewing. Daggett County, Utah. 1871.
USGS Earth Science Photographic Archive digital file: hjk00559

A number of streams enter the Green River along Red Canyon in Daggett County. Red Canyon Park may have been one of a number of candidates. Powell noted the abundance of birds and other wildlife in one such "park" originally named Browns Hole (which Powell renamed Browns Park). At the time, homesteaders had already established a cattle ranch in the valley. Much of the valley is now a wildlife sanctuary along the Utah-Colorado border (several miles east of the right border of the map above). In the Browns Park region to the Gates of Lodore in Dinosaur National Monument, the Green River cuts through early Tertiary sedimentary and volcanic tuff deposits. Click here to continue to the Dinosaur National Monument section of the Green River.

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