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Green River, Wyoming

Left bank of Green River. Boats of Powell's Second Expedition, before the start of the journey. The boats are "Cañonita," "Emma Dean," and "Nellie Powell." Just below the Union Pacific Railroad bridge at Green River Station. The famous eleven of the Powell party were Andy Hattan, W. Clement Powell, S. V. Jones, Major John W. Powell, Frederick S. Dellenbaugh, Professor Almon Harris Thompson, John F. Steward, F. M. Bishop, Frank C. A. Richardson, Jack Hillers, and E. O. Beaman. Sweetwater County, Wyoming. 1871. (Photo by E. O. Beaman).
USGS Earth Science Photographic Archive digital file: hjk00506

The Second Expedition spanned two years and did not involve a complete journey through the lower Grand Canyon, rather part of the mapping, photography, and scientific investigations took place north of the Grand canyon into the Kanab region and elsewhere in southern Utah. For comparison, the First Expedition (1869) started with ten men on four boats: the "Emma Dean" (named after Powell's wife), the "Maid of the Canyon," the "Kitty Clyde's Sister," and the "No-Name." One man abandoned the trip after the first month. At the completion of the first voyage on August 30 in the Nevada end of the Grand Canyon, only 2 boats and 6 men survived (three men died of a suspected Indian attack as they tried to walk out of the Grand Canyon after abandoning the voyage two days before the end of the mission).

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