Geology Rules To Live By

This website is currently under development. Check back for more detailed discussion and illustrations soon.
Contents will expand on these common sense rules that have an abundance of evidence to support them:

1. Never live or build on a flood plain.
2. Never live or build on or near an active volcano.
3. Never live or build on a slope unless you are absolutely sure it is stable and not downslope of a potential landslide hazard.
4. Never live or build on or near an active earthquake fault (especially if you don't have access to solid bedrock).
5. Never live or build along unstable coastlines (consider the risks associated with sea level rise and climate change).
6. Never live or build in a tsunami inundation zone.
7. Never live or build on or near a landfill (unless you really know what is buried there and how it was constructed).
8. Always be prepared for extreme weather conditions.
9. Never take your water supply for granted.
10. Don't live or build in fire-prone areas.

Always assume climate change is real, and in some way it will and could severely impact your life in the future.

This discussion does not include biological (especially related to diseases), social, economic, and political implications, all of which can have relevance to the above rules. 1/4/2018