Geology of the New York City Region
Webmaster and Author
Phil Stoffer
Geologist, retired (former USGS)
Associate Professor, Miracosta Community College
San Diego County, CA

Phil Stoffer produced the original content of this website. He compiled this information while working at a high school teacher in Brooklyn and while attending the Earth & Environmental Sciences PhD Program at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Much gratitude is extended to Paula Messina, Roland Scal, Martin Becker, John Chamberlain, and other CUNY graduate students and professors while compiling this website.

Text and images on this site are "public domain," however, out of courtesy, please acknowledge the U.S. Geological Survey next to any graphic or text used in any document. All photographs, images, and text were prepared by Phil Stoffer (with exceptions of other acknowledgements cited on selected images). All photography on this website are images taken from a "first generatation" digital camera that only produced 640 x 480 pixel images (no larger original graphics are available).

General education questions abour regional geologic features should be explored locally, not all World Wide Web information is reliable or up-to-date. Land access and rules should be discussed directly with appropriate land managers or park officials; directions and public listings to most areas and parks can be found via the World Wide Web. All field work related to this website was conducted prior to the summer of 1998; conditions of ownership, access rules, and physical safety may have changed since that time. It is strongly recommended that beginners and novice explorers should participate in insured local society or outdoor club trips before attempting to explore alone. Individuals following the concepts or information presented within this website are responsible for their own actions and security, as well as for their participants. It is strongly advisable to never go onto private property or into restricted areas without prior written permission.

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