Shoreline Butte
Shoreline Butte is an ancient volcano located in the southern end of Death Valley (south of the intersection of Highway 178 with the West Side Road). During the Pleistocene Epoch (before about 11,000 years ago), Lake Manly filled Death Valley to varying depths up to 500 to 600 feet above modern sea level. Shoreline Butte (the volcano) formed before Lake Manly flooded the valley. Lines, representing ancient shorelines of the lake, horizontally cross Shoreline Butte, representing different stages of the rise, fall, and stationary positions of the lake before it finally dried up after the last ice age. Shoreline Butte is located at a place where prevailing winds moving down the valley concentrated wave energy at the southern end of the ancient lake (Sharp and Glazner, 1997). For an aerial view of Shoreline Butte, click here.
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Last modified: 11/30/2010