Mosaic Canyon
Upstream of the Mosaic Canyon Fault and the lower, narrow stream chasm, the bedrock consists of the Stirling Quartzite and the Johnnie Formation. The age of these two sedimentary rock formations formed from marine deposits that span the transition from the end of the PreCambrian Era to the earliest Paleozoic Era's Cambrian Period (about 542 to 488 million years ago). Precambrian-age Noonday Dolomite is exposed in the lower canyon, whereas rock formations exposed in the upper canyon include in ascending order, Stirling Formation (Precambrian), and Wood Canyon, Zabriskie, Carrara, and Bonanza King Formations (Cambrian), with the Bonanza King exposed along the ridgeline (Hunt, 1975; Hildreth, 1976).
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Last modified: 11/30/2010