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Stratigraphy of Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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Grand Canyon National Park Stratigraphy
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Generalized stratigraphy modified after: Langenheim, R. L. and Schulmeister, M. K., 1987, Virgin River Gorge; Boundary between the Colorado Plateau and the Great Basin in northwestern Arizona: Geological Society of America Centennial Field Guide--Cordilleran Section, p. 43-46, and with Sue Beard (2004, personal communication).

Stratigraphic unit information is modified from the USGS GeoLex (Lexicon of Geology):

Information about the Geologic Time Scale is available at:

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Last modified: 1/7/2011
Quaternary deposits Muddy Creek Grand Wash Cliffs Miocene basin fill Red Horse Spring Lovell Wash Bitter Ridge Thumb Rainbow Garden Aztec Moenave Kayenta Chinle Moenkopi Kaibab Toroweap Woods Ranch Brady Canyon Seligman Coconini Hermit Esplanade Pakoon Callville Redwall Temple Butte Muav Bright Angel Tapeats Precambrian basement