Waddell Creek (Big Basin State Park)

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View looking upstream from the Highway 1 bridge over Waddell Creek. The Skyline-To-The-Sea Trail basically follows Waddell Creek for much of the western extent of the trail. The eastern end of the trail starts at the giant redwoods grove area of Big Basin State Park.

WaddellCreek WaddellCreek2.jpg

One of the high-maintenance sections of Highway 1 in Santa Cruz County is along this sea cliff (road cut) between Waddell Creek and Aņo Nuevo State Park. Prior to Highway 1, a short-lived, coastal railroad line went through this cut. The high cliff consists of Santa Cruz Mudstone (Miocene). CalTrans is constantly adding fill and riprap to the ocean side of the road.
WaddellCreek WaddellCreek3.jpg

The Waddell Creek road cut area. Aņo Nuevo Bay is to the right.
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