San Juan Baptista

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The historic mission of San Juan Baptista was built on a hill with a broad view of the fields along the San Benito River valley. What the builders didn't realize was that the escarpment adjacent to the site was the trace of the San Andreas Fault. The mission has experienced severe damage from earthquakes, including the largest in the region in 1906 when surface rupture occurred along the fault next to the mission.

SanJuanBaptista SanJuanBaptista2.jpg

Mission San Juan Baptista is on the hilltop along the escarpment of the San Andreas Fault.
SanJuanBaptista SanJuanBaptista3.jpg

Despite earthquake damage in the past, the mission and grounds are well preserved and maintained.
SanJuanBaptista SanJuanBaptista4.jpg

This view taken along a back road around the east side of the mission shows the slope of the San Andreas Fault scarp beyond the fence.
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