Pigeon Point Lighthouse

(San Francisco Bay Region 3D image tour)

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Pigeon Point Lighthouse along the San Mateo Coast is built on headlands of Cretaceous-age conglomerate (the Pigeon Point Formation). Sea stacks in the foreground are stained white with bird guano.

PigeonPoint PigeonPoint2.jpg

This view was taken at low tide.
PigeonPoint PigeonPoint3.jpg

This is a zoomed-in view from taken from the same place in the previous image.
PigeonPoint PigeonPoint4.jpg

This view is looking south along the coast toward the Gazos Creek area and the northern coast of Aņo Nuevo State Park taken from the sea cliffs near Pigeon Point.

The marine terrace is well developed at Pigeon Point.
PigeonPoint PigeonPoint6.jpg

This zoomed-in view of the same image above shows a well defined angular unconformity between steeply-dipping strata of the Cretaceous Pigeon Point Formation and the overlying poorly consolidated, flat-lying Quaternary alluvial sediments of the marine terrace deposits.
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