Mt. Diablo State Park

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Large outcrops and boulders of Domengine Sandstone (Eocene; 58 to 37 million years old) can be seen in the Rock City area along the Mt. Diablo South Gate Road. The Mt. Diablo's summit is visible in the distance.

MtDiablo MtDiablo2.jpg

A massive sandstone boulder in the Rock City area.
MtDiablo MtDiablo3.jpg

The Mt. Diablo's summit elevation is 3,849 feet. The Visitor Center has an observation deck and a museum.
MtDiablo MtDiablo4.jpg

This view from the summit is looking toward the northwest overlooking Eagle Peak (a game refuge) and Mt. Zion (with a massive quarry on its north end). Suisin Bay is in the distance.

North Peak, as seen from the Mt. Diablo's Summit.
MtDiablo MtDiablo6.jpg

These rocky spurs are on the southeast side of Mt. Diablo's summit. The crest of the Diablo Range in the distance.
MtDiablo MtDiablo7.jpg

A trail follows a weathering joint (a rock fracture) in the sandstone in the Rock City area.
MtDiablo MtDiablo8.jpg

These massive outcrops of serpentinite are found along the North Peak Trail not far from the trailhead on the Summit Road.
MtDiablo MtDiablo9.jpg

A view of boulders in the Rock City area.
MtDiablo MtDiablo10.jpg

A small cave in a sandstone outcrop in the Rock City area.
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