Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

(San Francisco Bay Region 3D image tour)

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A giant coastal redwoods grove is one of the highlights of Henry Cowell State Park.

HenryCowell HenryCowell2.jpg

The canopy of a redwood forest.
HenryCowell HenryCowell3.jpg

Sunlight and shadows in the redwood grove.
HenryCowell HenryCowell4.jpg

Well maintained trails help protect the ancient trees from damage from crowds of park visitors.

Another trail-side view in the coastal redwoods grove.
HenryCowell HenryCowell6.jpg

A "fairy ring" is a small cluster of trees that have sprouted from an ancient parent tree (long since vanished due to fire, harvest, or decay).
HenryCowell HenryCowell7.jpg

Coastal redwoods with a human for scale.
HenryCowell HenryCowell8.jpg

The canopy of the coastal redwoods.
HenryCowell HenryCowell9.jpg

Looking up inside the burned-out hollow center of the Fremont Tree.
HenryCowell HenryCowell10.jpg

The outside of the giant Fremont Tree.
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