Gazos Creek State Beach

(San Francisco Bay Region 3D image tour)

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This section of the Gazos Creek near the beach experiences daily tidal flow and occasional floods. A Highway 1 bridge is in the distance.

GazosCreek GazosCreek2.jpg

Driftwood from storms lie in Gazos Creek near the beach.
GazosCreek GazosCreek3.jpg

Gulls relax in a shallow tide pool where Gazos Creek enters the ocean.
GazosCreek GazosCreek4.jpg

The coast north of Gazos Creek has sea stack consisting of conglomerate of the Pigeon Point Formation (Cretaceous). Pigeon Point is in the distance, to the north.

Sea stacks and eroding conglomerate cliffs north of Gazos Creek.
GazosCreek GazosCreek6.jpg

Massive sea stacks and the coast north of Gazos Creek.
GazosCreek GazosCreek7.jpg

The Pacific Ocean from the sea cliff north of Gazos Creek.
GazosCreek GazosCreek8.jpg

Looking south from the sea cliff north of Gazos Creek.
GazosCreek GazosCreek9.jpg

Sea cliffs just north Gazos Creek are deep water mudstone and shale (possibly of early Tertiary age). The massive conglomerate (Pigeon Point Formation) is exposed in the sea cliffs and sea stack farther north along the beach.
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