Elkhorn Slough Preserve

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Elkhorn Slough is a estuary and wetlands that in part defines the border between Santa Cruz-Monterey Counties. The slough experiences daily tidal cycles with flow entering from a managed harbor entrance on Monterey Bay. This area is along the road just west of Kirby Park, a popular boat launch area for kayakers. Wetlands surround much of the may body of the slough.

ElkhornSlough ElkhornSlough2.jpg

A cormorant sits on a post at the Kirby Park boat dock. Mud flats on the opposite shore hint of the typical one-meter tidal range in the bay. Far off through the haze are the distant Santa Cruz Mountains.
ElkhornSlough ElkhornSlough3.jpg

Tidal wetlands near Kirby Park. A rail line runs along the south side of the slough. In the distance, eucalyptus trees cover an old landfill along the shore of the slough. The slough is now well-protected and is host to abundant wildlife.
ElkhornSlough ElkhornSlough4.jpg

The harbor entrance and coastal dunes where Elkhorn Slough joins Monterey Bay. The Monterey Highlands form the far distant ridgeline to the southwest.

Looking north in the direction of Santa Cruz with the coastal dunes along the shore north of Elkhorn Slough harbor.
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