Davenport Beaches

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A sea cave on a small beach just south of Davenport along the Santa Cruz County coastline.

Davenport Davenport2.jpg

Waves crash around a sea stack just offshore from the same beach. The gray cliffs are of Santa Cruz Mudstone (Upper Miocene).
Davenport Davenport3.jpg

October is pumpkin-harvest time along the Peninsula coast. Brussel sprouts and artichokes are also important crops in the area.
Davenport Davenport4.jpg

Davenport pumpkins.

Highway 1 in Davenport, October, 2003. The store fronts face west.
Davenport Davenport6.jpg

Looking south across the seaside rails towards the sea cliffs just south of downtown Davenport.
Davenport Davenport7.jpg

Crashing waves on a sea stack.
Davenport Davenport8.jpg

Another view of the sea cliffs just south of downtown Davenport.
Davenport Davenport9.jpg

Looking north along rail lines, just across Highway 1 from downtown Davenport.
Davenport Davenport10.jpg

The massive, elevated marine terraces east of Davenport provide geologic evidence that this section of the coast is rising.
Davenport BonnieDoon.jpg

Bonnie Doon Canyon cuts through elevated marine terraces. Bonnie Doon Canyon (and Beach) are about a mile south of downtown Davenport along Highway 1.
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