Bean Hollow State Beach

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Bean Hollow is a small cove amongst the eroding headlands along the coast north of Pigeon Point. The park features many tide-pool areas in eroding bedrock. The bedrock consists of sandstone and conglomerate beds of the Cretaceous Pigeon Point Formation.

BeanHollow BeanHollow2.jpg

This is a zoomed-in view of a wave cut tide channel in the intertidal zone.
BeanHollow BeanHollow3.jpg

This is another view of the same tide channel.
BeanHollow BeanHollow4.jpg

This view is looking south toward the headlands of Pigeon Point in the distance.

Rocks just offshore are typically covered with sea life.
BeanHollow BeanHollow6.jpg

This is a zoomed-in view of the rocks in the image above.
BeanHollow BeanHollow7.jpg

Bean Hollow has a number of small protected coves that are ideal for tide-pool viewing.
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